An unforgettable exploration of France's canals and rivers ...

In 1787, Thomas Jefferson had this to say about a canal cruise in France:

"A green ribbon of water, winding along vineyards and medieval villages, the Canal du Midi is one of France's most peaceful and picturesque waterways. Of all the methods of traveling I have ever tried, this is the pleasantest. You should not think of returning to America without taking the trip I have taken."

Today, barge cruises in France continue to bring the same sense of relaxation and continuous discovery as passengers cruise through the most beautiful countryside. From exceptional cuisine and wines to the pampering that comes from professional and caring crew, a cruise on the canals and rivers of France is one of the most memorable and special vacations you can imagine.

For more details, see our website at Barges In France, the best starting point for the vacation of a lifetime!

Tulip Cruises ... and Fall Foliage!

From the end of March through May, luxury hotel barge cruises offer the most unique and pampered way to visit Holland. With a knowledgeable crew to guide you and to cater to your every need, you can relax for a wonderful week of cruising and leisurely, personalized touring of the magnificient displays of tulips at the Keukenhof, pottery artists in Delft, cheesemaking in Gouda, art by Dutch masters, cruises and cycling through the countryside with Holland's windmills and flowers in the fields, and more.

For more details, see our website at Barges In Holland

Cruise the Shannon River in the Heart of Ireland ...

The Shannon Princess II cruises the picturesque Shannon River weekly between mid-April and the first week of October, between Killaloe and Athlone. The Shannon River is wrapped in legends, myths and the gentle mists of time and the cruise route traverses a countryside little changed over the centuries, passing by ancient monasteries, prehistoric cities, fairy forts and Celtic villages. Irish owner/hosts aboard provide an exceptional week of cruising, personalized excursions, wonderful cuisine, wines, relaxation, and storytelling.

For more details, see our website at Barges In Ireland

Cruises in Germany, Including the Beautiful Mosel River

While there are many river cruises aboard large river cruisers, a cruise aboard the 8-passenger La Nouvelle Etoile in Germany in the fall months offers an entirely different experience. Guests enjoy a more personalized and more pampered experience. Very small group excursions allow a much more intimate encounter with the historic countryside and villages, along the Mosel River with its stunning beauty, and with terraced vineyards on the hillsides. The Mosel route offers the most memorable way to visit Germany and experience it from an altogether new perspective.

For more details, see our website at Barges In Germany

The Most Unique View of Venice ...

Venice's well known and lesser known attractions become magic when seen from an intimate hotel barge. Even if you have visited Venice in the past, this is a completely refreshing and different way to encounter the beauty of Venice and the region -- with a delightful crew, Italian cuisine and wines to help make it a genuinely Italian vacation experience. The cruise route includes the Venetian lagoons, Po River, and Bianco Canal.

For more details, see our website at Barges In Italy

The most unique way to visit England ... Hotel barge cruises on the Thames River

The 8-passenger MAGNA CARTA for luxurious accommodations cruises along beautiful rural sections of the Thames River. This is the most innovative way to explore the English countryside and to learn its history from experienced guides. Each offers outstanding cuisine and crews that pamper you through the week like you've never experienced!

You can precede a week's cruise with a trip to London, or take a few days after your cruise to explore the Cottswolds, or other destinations in England. What a way to spend a week!

For more details, see our website at Barges In England

Cruise Legendary Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands ...

With an outstanding exploration of the Scottish Highlands, the Caledonian Canal between Fort William and Inverness, and the legendary Loch Ness, the 8 passenger Scottish Highlander offers the vacation of a lifetime cruising through some of Scotland's most stunning scenery. Cuisine aboard Scottish Highlander is traditional Scottish fare - Salmon, Game, Venison and Seafood, prepared by the barge's own Master Chef.

For more details, see our website at Barges In Scotland

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